Misery and Moonbeams

Spookymeat.com has been around about a decade in some form or another, and plans to be here for pretty much the rest of your miserable lives. Smeat started off at a time when “E/N” was the term people used to describe what is now commonly referred to as a blog *chokes on her own tongue*… I guess Smeat was kind of the pre-blog blog. That’s all the information you’re going to get out of me, chump.

Who I am: I started this site back when you were still in diapers, kid. The truth is that I am just a rotten person that curses too much, and if I see something I don’t like or meet someone I don’t like, chances are you’re going to read about it. Lucky you.

You can find more of my internet vomiting from some of the shows I cohost/coproduce.  Get Ice and The Face free on iTunes, libsyn, and stitcher. You can also catch Awesome Talk! live every other Tuesday at the Home Bar Porductions Youtube page.

Likes include: Iced tea, dark hallways, the smell of red wine, and the word “albumen”

Dislikes include: monkeys, the word “brains”, spirochetes, and log cabins

MSN: spookymeat@hotmail.com

Hobbies: midgets, people who own llamas, midgets who own llamas, midgets that play guitar hero, guitar heroes that play with midgets…

Music: Anything that you can do with some spoons and an old guy.

Guest Collaborators/Writers:

IAMRICKSEE (From Ice and The Face and Awesome Talk!)
Rick is my stupendous cohost and coproducer on many of the projects I do outside of this godforsaken website.  He has also embarked on the terrible journey of finishing off all five million episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? with me.  Needless to say, we will be blind and miserable at the end of it all.


“Hello. I am Joe. I just set my wallpaper as a chicken attacking a penis. I fucking hate the shit I do for Spookymeat”

-Mugsy Dixon
“One night, I decided to read Sarah letters I had been writing to women on (the online dating site) OkCupid. She laughed a lot. Perhaps more than I would have liked. You see, the problem is there’s no suggested way to compose these messages, no template, no standard, and no examples. And often when left to my own devices, I do something that I think is creative and wonderful but outside perspective just confirms that it’s abnormal and awkward.

I am going to share the letters I write. I’m thinking I am just going to post them exactly as I sent them. Meaning, they’ll include not just the funny, weird bits but probably also the genuine, sweet, vulnerable chunks. I think that’s probably the best way of going about it.”

-John (from supertmh2.com)
John was actually found on a remote island about six or seven years ago after word of where thismayhurt’s notoriously elusive writer was hiding out. He once operated the site WhiteNoise dot something something whatever it’s long I can’t remember now… And every once in a while you can actually catch him linking to those archives, which is always super awesome. If I refer to “John” or “Jawnie”, I am referring to this lovely young chap. Things you should know: Our first collaboration is about sharing a sex doll, and John is terrified of puppets or dolls and thinks they are all going to eat his face.

-Krank (from krankindustries.com)
Perhaps you remember Krank’s site, Krankindustries.com. It was around before the internet was even invented, but due to terrorists it has now disappeared. Krank and I have been cohorts ever since a poorly crafted valentine was sent to Krank back in 2002ish. Krank is an enigma. Wrapped in a bloody tissue. Dowsed in beer. If I am talking about Krank, or Krankiepoo, this is the lad I am speaking of. Feel free to openly complain on any of the comment boards about his lack of… well… presence. *Sigh*

-Aaron O.
Aaron is the mystical magic man behind most of the Spookymeat horoscopes, which there will be more of at some point in the near, or far, future.

-Gay Adam
Gay Adam is a soldier of God. He comes, he goes, he is in a lot of smeat videos; but you most likely won’t find them unless you were really persistent, because most have dissipated through the greedy fingers on the hand of your-site-should-be-backed-up-more-often.

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