The internet is ruining us all (parte dos)

You know what I hate? Well, you’re reading this crap, so you should, but in case you didn’t know, I hate furries. But more specifically, I hate their propensity for making really terrible artwork of their “fursonas”, it’s horrible, all of it. I don’t want to see a thirty-five year old dude dressed as a raccoon who likes to fuck people in rabbit costumes, and I definitely don’t want to see his mentally challenged crayon drawings of what he thinks he looks like, either. But I DO want to show it all to you. Why? Well because I look at this crap and if I see it, you need to suffer as well. These are the people that are ruining the internet, my second edition…

I call her Sally, the suicidal bat.

I call him, "God I hate the person who made this exist"

Oh, hey guys, this mask is who I am on the -inside-.

Please don't let these people have pets. EVER!

I don't get the weirdo sonic fetish, btw. Fucker runs fast and collects rings, leave him alone.

Also, this isn’t really related, but I wanted you to feel worse about yourself for being here…
you will have nightmares