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Happy Birthday, Krank!


Today is Krank's birthday, so let's all celebrate with the scary birthday clown. Have a good one, you old bastard.

Mugsy’s Request:


“Draw me a small home that exists in a world themed after Thanksgiving. include a landscape if needed. and make it erotic.”

A world of mashed potato and gravy hills, cranberry sauce rivers, a giant fork ready to eat it all, and turkey drumstick birds. And yes, the dick plants make it erotic, duh!

mp3 of the moment updated

You’re all horrible people, you’re all going to hell, you should all be ashamed of yourselves…


So, it’s been years since I bothered posting search statistics on my site, not because they weren’t horrifyingly interesting to me, but because my host is a dick and navigating through the sludge they call a website is too much trouble for me to give a fuck to bother doing anymore. But I was talking about with the proud owner of Mecha Duck, and decided to see what you wretched fucks have been searching for to end up here in the innocent, lovely old spookymeat. All I have to say is, WHAT. THE. FUCK. You people need some help, and I have no idea how some of that stuff even gets people to smeat in the first place. You all need a good talking to, that’s what I think. When I said the internet is ruining people, I guess I was also talking about my website. It’s going to ruin you, stop it. STOP IT. I take no responsibility for this. NOPE. (I blurred out a phone number, it was of a business, and I don’t think he would enjoy being associated with you filthy hooligans; I also took out anything child related because seriously guys, what the fuck is wrong with you?)

I have some bad news for you…


Yesterday my eyeballs had the horror of seeing a fake trangina that allows a dickhead to stick out where a clit should be.

And today you’re sharing my nightmare.




You’re very welcome.