The future is NoOooOoOoOWWWwWWw…

old meat.

So, as I was saying the other day, I was looking through some old Smeat posts from the beginning of the site, posts from 2002ish, a little earlier, some a little later, and found a conversation I had on a livechat for a product called Humanclick, basically, you pay to have a their live chat service on your website so you can talk with your visitors/customers/whatever the fucks. I wondered if the company still existed, and BEHOLD, it certainly, and surprisingly, does. So here is a peek into the past (lovingly typed out with less grammatical interference), and a look at the present.

2002 conversation:


4 Responses to The future is NoOooOoOoOWWWwWWw…

  1. Mugsy says:

    Larry is terrible at his job.

  2. Stein says:

    “I gave my name and email when I signed into this chat, did you already lose it?”


    Larry was so done trying to talk to you

    • Sarah says:

      eh, not my fault not everyone can give as superior customer service as gina could… maybe larry just needs to step his shit up.

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