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Krank’s request:


“Draw me a octopus bodied koala bear eating bacon from the teets of a centaur, please. And make it erotic.”


(the dildo made it erotic, duh!)

The future is NoOooOoOoOWWWwWWw…


old meat.

So, as I was saying the other day, I was looking through some old Smeat posts from the beginning of the site, posts from 2002ish, a little earlier, some a little later, and found a conversation I had on a livechat for a product called Humanclick, basically, you pay to have a their live chat service on your website so you can talk with your visitors/customers/whatever the fucks. I wondered if the company still existed, and BEHOLD, it certainly, and surprisingly, does. So here is a peek into the past (lovingly typed out with less grammatical interference), and a look at the present.

2002 conversation:


Back to where it all began:


So, I was looking through the old Spookymeat vaults and decided to post old aim stuff I found from over ten years ago now, back in the early Smeat days, when I would find random people on AIM to annoy in different chat rooms. You can pretty much tell which one is me. Enjoy, folks…

Ever have your face eaten from the inside by the brain worms?


Hey, I don’t have an update, but you probably thought there was one here, so consider that my supreme april tomfoolery. On the other hand, Mecha Duck has an update, so why don’t you stroll on over and give that a gander. You can get there by clicking on the heartwarming juggalo couple above, or here, or here, or here (I lied about one of those).