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Gee golly whiz, jeepers peanutbutter fiddle dee diskers, mister…


We’re back like a renegade master, rapping with the best of them and trampling the rest of them. Today we’re reviewing an episode of The Twilight Zone, I don’t really know why but it’s this or Sarah watching more Are you afraid of the dark and she gave up on that shit long ago. I found this episode to be quite spiffy, the usage of a black and white camera and lots of hair gel made it feel like it really was made in the 50s where people thought comics were worth a damn and they didn’t reboot the universe because they fucked it up and retconned everything 83 times each month. There are no alien penises and quite frankly I just wanted to write a cool intro and pretend I was black, so insert your own review here because I just wasted your time reading all this shit and you can just go watch the episode (complete with 2 minute Australian intro and 2 commercial breaks) on youtube by following the link above. Enjoy your evening folks and keep watching the skies (but not at night because that makes you an alien… Asshole)

You are meant to watch this and think about how quick humans are to cause chaos and panic in situations where acting patiently and rationally are clearly the best options. Since this was made in the ’50’s, there weren’t too many examples of people actually ever doing that, since we’re talking about a time period where kids were being taught that hiding under their school desks would save them from bombs dropping. The episode we watched also had Australian commercials in it, and nothing is more irrational and mind-boggling as those thing are, so it was a good match all around. Seeming as how decades have gone by since this came out, we are basically just meant to look back at it at this point and shake our heads in disgust because we have become these people to such a ridiculous degree, that the episode characters seem harmless and silly in comparison, even if they are shooting their neighbors while getting drunk in Hawaiian shirts and slicked back 50’s hair cuts.