Would you like some star shine with that octopus pie?

It’s been a long time since I did a rambly drug-induced update like back in the good ole’ days. I don’t have much to talk about; As of writing this update, I have not yet been raped by a dolphin. I stay far away from the water, and was told that they can only flip-flop a bit onto land. I don’t believe all the rumors going around that some have small legs and walk right out of the ocean, they look sort of like walking grey bananas. They only have one thing on their mind, and that is to seek out helpless humans and dolphin-rape them into next summer.

So yeah, don’t have to worry about that, I know how to stay safe. Right now, it’s sort of like my head is floating just above my body and everything around me looks like it’s floating sort of like balloons, too.

Hi, I just stand around in this dream being useless, I don't try to save anyone, I'm just a cock.

Oh yeah, and that Cartoon All-Stars whatever the hell it was called, gave me nightmares. I’m not sure what the fuck, but here’s basically what I remember: someone died inside this temple sort of place and the people I was with were there and the dead person was being put in a hole and where ever we were, it wasnt really -our- place to be, we were intruders somehow, and I was fighting with everyone because something was off, like the person was killed in some way or something was about to happen that was wrong and I was trying to make the people I was with listen to reason but they were just fuckers. At some point there was some rogue fucker that shrunk down and got out of the temple place and was ran out and was somewhere on the grounds and was out to kill. and I said fuck this and grabbed a gun to shoot through the windows, because I knew roughly where the tiny person had run to, but something was wrong with the gun, I dont remember what, so I said fuck that and grabbed this really long gun thing that shot these white, pointy sort of not really darts, I dont know how to describe them…

Anyway there were a bunch of people in the temple too, and they were sort of lined up against the walls, pissed, and wanting us to leave, kind of, like someone did something not okay and we were being blamed. Oh yeah, and during the part where the dead person was in the hole, the guy who played the elf in LOTR was one of the people standing there, and he just got back from somthing and I think I was trying to tell him about the plans that people had to fuck us all up but the person standing next to me wanted to go stand by him because they wanted him or something retarded, and I was tring to get everyone to realize that bad things were going to happen.

I stole this picture from somewhere google image sent me to. Do you want these guys lined up and ready to eat your face?

So then there was what I think was maybe a hidden back room sort of area, and there were tons of characters from stupid old shows, all in costumes, but it was really them, even though there were multiples of the same characters, like tons of ninja turtles and stuff, and they were all against the walls sort of yelling stuff at us in the middle of the room and I was going around the room looking at all of them and people were screaming “MURDERER! MURDERER!” over and over again, but I’m not sure where that was coming from, I just remember there was an iminent sense of danger, and then someone saying that by some point we had to gtfo because the temple would be burned.

fuck that dream.

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  1. Karl says:

    Dolphins are grey bananas. Cannot unsee.

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