something about balls…

Our week of reviews continues with a lovely little animated whosiwhatsit from the early 90’s. And you don’t even have to download it, you can watch it on youtube by clicking the banner. So go watch it, you filthy drug addict.

Pig Fucker Joe:
Welcome back to Sarah’s haunted meat hole. Today we watched an anti-drug propaganda movie staring cartoon characters from the early 90s. I don’t even know where to start with this movie, it involved talking ducks, an alien, a ghost and a turtle telling people not to do drugs. But surely if smoking pot makes all your toys come to life like it’s toy story, ever kids doing to be wanting some push……. I cannot continue this review, I have a full size Miss Piggy in a bikini statue in my bed and a bag of pot to smoke. Wish me luck, I’m going balls deep in bacon flavoured snatch! 4/7 rim jobs.

[Something Derogatory] Sarah:
This was a really long animated acid trip about a kid who sees early 90’s pop culture icons when he does coke in the back room of arcades with his crack addict buddies. It’s important to note that according to this film, smoking pot poses harsher risks than walking knee deep in raw sewage with giant talking turtles. At some point Tigger gets into the angeldust (like always), and we don’t really see him again until the end, when he turns up looking for more, and it really is a surprise to nobody that Garfield spends the entire film high and craving lasagna. Overall I’d say that the characters warning about drug use all show clear signs of being drug addicts. I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to know what types of drugs their children’s toys are taking. It’s an eye-opener.