What we do when we haven’t been raptured…

This is a film about clown rape and having hands. There was a solid midget to run time ratio and I would recommend this film to any one interested in carpentry and scoober diving. I think Christians may want to avoid this since in one scene a bunch of down syndromes on crack tried to give Jesus (while dressed as a ghos buster) their revolting disease, but he appeared to pull through it okay. I think this movie is best suited to being watched as a family, the morales and orgasms it gives are only suitable for people sharing a room with their parents and siblings. I disapprove of this movie being shot in English, I think black lingo thing is by far a superior tounge to use when raping and murdering white women.

I think this movie was meant to be deep, which I could either figure out or totally make up. I’ll let you figure out which I went with (it’ll surprise you). This is about a man’s soul crying out over the loss of his mother (‘s arms), and being haunted by the knowledge he couldn’t stop it, and also his circus father fucking the tattooed lady man thing. He wants to make shadow puppets with the mute deaf girl, who’s like the ghost of christmas present, and in the end he kisses his midget pal, but midget pal didn’t want to be kissed, and waves goodbye before fading into the nothingness that is his shattered life. Also, there’s a mental institution where Jesus lives in a tree, surrounded by people that have Down Syndrome. Highly recommended for your “perfect romantic comedy” list.

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