Play with my doll collection, don’t be a zeeb!

Well, it’s been forever since an update, although I have about a dozen half written ones. I didn’t want a bunch of reviews in a row, but apparently that is precisely what I’ve done. So enjoy this amazing tale of stupid crap. cheers.

The Tale of the Lonely Ghost S01E03

Yet another of one of the most popular episodes… let’s get started folks. Blondie walking through the woods, being all scared and stupid, stalker David stalking like he does best, kissing her ass and giving her a bday present, things get all awww and <3 with them, then they go sit and worship their fire gods. Fighting and stupidity commences, now it's story time. START FAST, THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS... a story about love, angry kids, and death death death (forever)...[caption id="attachment_402" align="alignright" width="245" caption="Hey, I'm an ugly cunt and my dolls aren't creepy."][/caption]

Summer vacation, kids are ~~psyched~~, except for pissy little Amanda, who has to suffer at her aunt’s house. She has scientist parents, which is awesome, but she’s a whore and doesn’t like it. Also, the crotch in her pants is massive, and it’s distracting. Her cousin gives her the look of death from a window, hears noises from the abandoned house next door, and has a lot of books which is supposed to set up that she is nerdy little whatever that nobody likes, instead of just being a girl with a brain that has better things to do than shove hairspray bottles up their cooch.

She has to sleep in her cousin’s room, on a bed full of creepy fucking dolls, and a chick with red hair and probably a penis. She actually looks kind of like a penis. She thinks she and her friends are super awesome, and Amanda is apparently a “zeeb”. : \ Amanda’s new daily tasks include fixing the animal collection every day, not crying no matter what happens, no “snitching”, and being “initiated”, by spending a night alone in the supposed haunted house next door.

Old lady creepers up the stairs, says she is “nanny” and tries to talk to Amanda, but red haired penis girl says nonono, and throws a shit fit and says nobody can talk to her because she’s crazy and blahbalh insane blah blah ghost blah. Also, tomorrow night is initiation night, bitches!

Outside haunted house thing, they tell stupid story before she goes in… long time ago blah blah little girl nobody likes, she can’t talk… why? WE DON’T KNOW SHE JUST COULDN’T GOD JUST LISTEN! One day something something, father sick, girl goes away but dies when kids kill her in the house which sort of makes no sense, she was trapped inside and “didn’t escape alive”, or some stupid shit. “AND WHEN THEY FOUND HER, SHE WAS DEAD!” It’s sort of a scary story, deal with it, assholes.

Girl goes in, noises happen, EMPLEH is written on the wall, and you know what that means! Little girl in the mirror reaching out for a friend. Girl runs out and says fuck this shit, I’m going back to red haired penis girl and creepy nanner.

They have to scrub the writing off the wall, blah blah, now it is written all over the wall instead. Amanda gets blamed, red hair girl is pissed off. Mirror starts showing some creeper shit with dolls which lures in red haired retard girl. Oooooh there she goes, and little dead girl comes out, which is a pretty good trade, I’d say. She is sort of Bjork-like.

Here take the necklace, Amanda, cheers! It’s a picture of nanner, her mother apparently. She wants help, she wants her mother. Red hair girl is crying and wah wah in the mirror, where she belongs, yay. Nanny comes to see the dead girl, goes through the mirror, is transformed into younger her, and red hair girl is free and crying like a little bitch, which everyone sees and laughs at her, then they light her hair on fire and peel her face skin off with a potato peeler.

Fire’s out, kids are leaving, blondie and stalker have sex on the burning embers, and she opens her gift. It’s a locket with a picture of his balls inside. the end.

2 Responses to Play with my doll collection, don’t be a zeeb!

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m happy I could help you find that perfect gift. She’ll love it.

  2. Karl says:

    A locket with a picture of my balls inside is totally my new favorite gift to give. No more worrying about what to get mom for mothers day! Thanks Sarah!

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