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Cagey Clown Caught in Calamity!


s01e02 The Tale of the Laughing in the Dark

Here it is, my next Are You Afraid of the Dark episode review… I think this is probably one of the most popular of all the episodes, and I assume most people have seen this. It starts off with kids at a carnival, running through the “spook house” named Laughing in the Dark. Oh no, little stupid girl, don’t open door number six, there’s a killer clown inside AHHH! Aww, “little miss perfect” blondie girl tries to run away from the campfire, whining about hating clowns. Everyone basically tells her she’s a fucking prissy little pusspuss (and I quote), and dare her to stay. She, of course, does, just to show those young whippersnappers just how rough and tumble she really is.

Zeebo: also available for kids' parties and clown maulings.

Okay back to the carnival we go, two older guys, one of these being named Weegi, or Ouiga, or WeeGee, is talking about how there are tons of of rumors about the stupid haunted house ride thing actually being haunted, when oh ho, look who it is, the creepy old carnival guy, straw hat, red and white striped jacket, and a good ole’ yarn to tell. “He’s in there alright, just waitin’, pick the right door and you’ll go free, pick the wrong door, and there he’ll be!” DUn dun dunn… creepy guy creeps them into leaving, and of course, they don’t bother with the haunted clown house.

The next day, the kids are playing in a room, and apparently they’ve been researching information that miraculously answers all questions about “the spook house’, and the clown, Zeebo, who burned to death inside of it because he was a dirty motherfucker who couldn’t put his stupid cigar out. The new “spookhouse” was built years later, with a fake Zeebo clown inside, because obviously it makes sense to put one in there, when the real one burned shit down and stole money from the park, durrrrrrrrr.

Okay this shit is getting retardedly boring, so here goes the fast version… red haired, no eyebrows kid wants to tickle fight Weegie’s little sister, I don’t know what the fuck that is all about, but it is way creepier than the clown, red hair kid is dared to steal the clown nose, he does, weird shit happens to him at home, the clown is pissed, he wants his motherfucking nose back, and ginger’s got it. Things go stupid in his kitchen, clowny gives him a phone call, there’s cigar smoke, melted something with clown shoeprints, and carnival music that may or may not just be the soundtrack to the show. He has a panic attack and calls Weegie, who says it ain’t nuthin but a thang. Blah blah, clown coming for him blahdeedeeblahblah, He goes back to the carnival, puts the nose back, and all is well in the world of red haired tickle kid.

Oh yeah, carnival guy laughs and says “it’s the most fun in the park, when you’re laughing in the dark”. Somehow that was meant to be important. the end. oh wait, also blondie made it through the whole clown story, they make fun of her anyway, tie her to tree, and let bears eat her. the end, for real this time.