Spookymeat wants to know…

If a clone of yourself, identical in every way, including personality, suddenly appeared sitting right next to you, would you have sex with yourself?

(after you stopped being all fucked up from the fact that it couldn’t be possible for that to occur, just deal with it, alright!!!)

If yes, explain why, please.

If no, explain why not.

Do your homework, kids.  DO IT!


send your pictures of the octopus (seen below) with sunglasses to this address, jerks!

(also, please respond in the comments here, and not on facebook)

Did you know the plural of vagina is vaginae? Pretty fucking amazing, I suggest you use it as soon as possible!

6 Responses to Spookymeat wants to know…

  1. Mugsy says:

    haha I could never. we’d be arguing over who was the dominant one. plus I don’t think a man’s beard should ever come into contact with any other beards.

  2. Olaf Berzerker says:

    Yes, I would most definitely have sex with myself. It would be like being able to masturbate in all sorts of new positions, because technically, in my opinion it would be masturbation. I view it as “self sex”. So, whether it is me, or me and me, if only I am there, it is masturbation. Even if its with an inanimate object, soulless and cold (or warm depending on whether it is an appliance or something that gets warm from big electrical things and motors and fun stuff like that) if it can’t fight back, its nothing but a tool for use. Chickens, ducks, bears, dogs (some coyotes included) indians, and cripples all have soul, however, so if any of them were there, no i could not do it.

  3. Rose says:

    YES! That is my dream considering I am a narcissist, also the fact I know how to get myself off so I would have numerous orgasms and someone who would be able to actually keep up with my ridiculous sex drive. This is also why I have sex with my cousin.

  4. bill says:

    i wouldn’t have sex with myself because we wouldn’t be able to agree who would be on top and who would be on the bottom. it’s not like we could take turns fucking each other. i wouldn’t trust myself to let me ram my own ass and then stick around for an ass reaming.

  5. Destiny says:

    I would not have sex with my clone because a) she wouldn’t have a penis, and b) one neurotic bitch in my bed is plenty, two would be unbearable.
    –I would take her out to dinner and a movie though.

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