Holla, Dolly!

Just a smeat update, not really a post, so for the most part everything now on here is about all that can be salvaged, sorry people. I know some of the updates were written by contributers or were collaborations with myself and have gone missing, sorry to the authors of those updates, if any of you have them saved, I would be happy to repost them all.

new smeat stuff: We have a new writer for the website, Mugsy Dixon, I think he shall fit in quite comfortably with the troubled youth who read this crap page, he is going to write about his ridiculous adventures in the world of …… meh, he will be posted in the bio, more on him later. But yay for new contributer. Be nice to him. (or not, he can take your stinking rambles of hatred)

old writers:

john is writing away on his new thismayhurt site, which I have linked over to the right, and I am sure (ok, not that sure) we will write something together again,

Aaron O. the genius behind most of the smeat horoscopes, not sure when another full one will come, but I do have some amazing ones saved on my phone from him, and without his permission will most likely post them on here at some point I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS!!

krankiepoo- He is still alive, he is forever. And he will most likely come and go around here as he pleases, just as he always has.

Gay Adam has gone MIA, I don’t think there will be anymore videos coming with him, but what do I know, I’m always in the dark when it comes to people going MIA. So, whatever you find that has been salvaged regarding him, is most likely all you’re getting, unless you bookmarked the youtube page it came from, then you can watch them all over and over and over and over and over.

I know there’s more. shut up.

6 Responses to Holla, Dolly!

  1. Mugsy says:

    now that i managed to wrangled in a nice girlfriend from my ill conceived letter writing campaign to the females of this planet, i need to figure out what i can write about here.

  2. sarah says:

    so delicious, I can’t believe how fresh he tasted even after being in the freezer for six months; I swear vacuum sealers are the wave of the future, my friend, the wave of the future.

  3. Let’s write about the time we ate that guy.

  4. space magic says:


  5. sarah says:

    you burn shit down reasonably well, too.

  6. Krank says:


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