Enter the Mugsy

Why am I here?

One night, I decided to read Sarah letters I had been writing to women on (the online dating site) OkCupid.  She laughed a lot.  Perhaps more than I would have liked.  You see, the problem is there’s no suggested way to compose these messages, no template, no standard, and no examples.  And often when left to my own devices, I do something that I think is creative and wonderful but outside perspective just confirms that it’s abnormal and awkward.

I am going to share the letters I write.  I’m thinking I am just going to post them exactly as I sent them.  Meaning, they’ll include not just the funny, weird bits but probably also the genuine, sweet, vulnerable chunks. I think that’s probably the best way of going about it.

Things to keep in mind when reading them:

  • these are being sent to a total stranger
  • I want this stranger to like me, possibly one day love like me even more
  • I am genuinely trying to meet someone, this isn’t a social experiment or something

I think that’s all the introduction you’ll need.  I’ll explain anything specific to the site (OkCupid) as it comes up. I don’t know if I’ll also write about the people I meet, dates I go on, and other such events in the world of online dating but I’m sure I’ll be tempted to. Also, if I write something you think is amazing feel free to use it yourself.  I don’t care.  But you’ll probably end up dying alone.

Hope you enjoy my shortcomings.