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the long dark tea-time of the soul…


well since godaddy pretty much sucks, I’m sorry to report that as of this moment it will be a while before the spookymeat you have all grown to love and hate is gone for now, and if anything was saved, it will return sooner or later. ¬†give a big fuck you to the people who fucked my website up, for the millionth time, and also, I hope you all enjoy the nothingness that is splattered all over this bullshit page, while I try to recover a database that magically vanished into the aether.

see you all soon, again, starting over for the millionth time


So, I have managed to put together about thirty percent of the archives, some of them are just pictures of the old posts, some with the comments, others, and most, without them… so the site looks all stupid and new and comment-less, sorry to everyone who wrote something long, meaningful, and deep; it’s most likely all gone now. Please stay tuned as I continue to piece together the past.